Fujian ZhanHua Chemical Co., Ltd

        Committed to become the industry leader of Persulfats


        Fujian ZhanHua Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Committed to become the industry leader of Persulfates

        Fujian ZhanHua Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. Being a key enterprise of Fujian Province, the company specializes in manufacturing a series of persulfates products.  It has set up its owned specialized industrial park of persulfates including the first and second stages of project. The company’s current production capacity of Ammonium Persulfate (APS) is 60,000 tons per year, and 45,000 tons annually for Sodium Persulfate (SPS),7,000 tons annually for Potassium Persulfate (KPS). The production scale is being kept enlarging.

        The company is located in the south east part of China, Qingliu County, Sanming City, which enjoys very good natural conditions and rich resources. The stable supply of electricity and the pure water furnishes provide favorable conditions for the company to produce high quality persulfates. Furthermore, the convenient geographical location and the company's effective logistics management system ensures the timely distribution of products.

        The company has a professional technical team and management talents. Taking advantage of its experience with international standards and Chinese regulations, the company has established and executed a highly strict quality management system. The company has passed the certification of ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System and obtained Quality Management System certificate. It is the A-grade tax-paying enterprise recognized by the State Administration of Taxation. Equipped with advanced technology and production equipment as well as high-accuracy laboratory instruments, every production process is under well control from the raw materials supplier qualification until products delivery.

        The Company supplies to our customers in Chinese and international market with stable high quality products and tailor-made system solutions for a wide variety of sections including polymers, PCB, textiles and paper, pharmaceuticals, water treatment etc..

        Sticking to its business philosophy of “Honest Operation, Top Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection, and Continuous Innovation”, the company focuses its efforts on creating a first-class brand. After the completion of the second phase of the ongoing construction project, the company will achieve annual production capacities of over 75,000 tons of Ammonium Persulfate, 50,000 tons of Sodium Persulfate, and 12,000 tons of Potassium Persulfate.

        As a responsible corporate, ZHAN HUA has consistently focused its attention on the development of process technology, products and services quality. We sincerely expect to assist you to improve work efficiency, reduce costs and optimize the use of resources.


        Mission and Objectives
        Committed to become the industry leader of Persufates
        Committed to maximize values for our customers and help them to build competitive advantage
        Committed to grow together with employees and create a good development environment for them
        Committed to improve the environment, health, quality and safety conditions on a long term basis
        Committed to make continuous innovation and achieve sustainable development

        Near 20years

        Focus on persulfate industry for near 20 years


        38 professional R&D staff members


        Covering more than 20 countries in the world


        Providing services for 500+ customers in the world


        ZHANHUA means Zhanhua staffs to endure extremely difficult and hard work to develop and expand their own place in the world in the persulfate industry.

        Timeflies. With the development of chemical industry, ZHANHUA adheres to the management concept of "safety and environmental protection, continuous innovation, perfect service, customer satisfaction", and develops from the original one production line to the present scale and status. This is the result of striving for unity and striving for success. It is the pride of ZHANHUA.

        As a professional manufacturer of persulfate, ZHANHUA fully takes advantage of convenient transportation, rich resources and the harmonious natural and human environment to make innovation and development. Now, we have formed a good production quality management system as well as content-rich corporate culture system. ZHANHUA's development cannot be separated from the strong support of new and old customers, cannot be separated from the care of all levels of society. Taking good faith as basis, profession as foundation, and industry-leader as a driving force, we strive to be a first-class enterprise and brand enterprise.

        Today's achievements could only represent past efforts. In today's world full of opportunities and challenges, where thousands of sails are competing, Zhanhua will always use the vision of sustainable development, strategy of keeping pace with times, idea of being sincere & win-win mind, we look forward to establishing multi-faceted cooperation with society to create quality services and train talent in order to return the customer's trust, staff's dedication and love of society.

        The road is as solid as iron, and now we are moving forward. ZHANHUA have a contingent of cadres and staff who have been tempered and dared to work hard for many years. We have accumulated innovative mechanisms and systems, and constantly increased reserves of resources. ZHANHUA will seize opportunities, meet challenges, accelerate development and create a glorious century with a high attitude and brand-new style.

        Corporate culture


        • 圖文組件

          Business Concept

        Creditable Operation, Constant Improvement
        Ensure Quality, Create Value;Brand Establishment, Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction;Service Improvement, Customer Satisfaction;Safety & Eco-friendliness,Continuous Innovation

        • 圖文組件

          Quality Concept

        Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise
        Quality is the basis of trust
        Quality is the key to success
        Quality is an endless pursuit
        Quality awareness is in my heart and product quality is on my hand

        • 圖文組件

          Marketing Concept

        Credit First, Marketing Second
        Emphasize Details, Satisfy Customers

        • 圖文組件

          Talent Concept

        Virtue Priority, Give Full Scope to Talent,
        Dedication Oriented, Team First

        Development history


        • 2022

        • 2021

        • 2019

        • 2017

        • 2015

        • 2012

        • 2011

        • 2010

        • 2009

        • 2008

        • 2007

        • 2006

        • 2005

        • 2004

        Technical team


        Keep improving


        With the professional team, standardized management, and advanced equipment, we build an impartial, scientific, correct, and efficient test brand.


        • 展化化工研發團隊
        • 展化化工研發團隊
        • 展化化工研發團隊

        Organizational structure


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